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01296 651981

Bulk Excavation

The P J Murphy Group provide a fully resourced bulk earthworks contracting service. Our fleet of Caterpillar excavators, bulldozers and loading shovels matched to our fleet of Volvo dump trucks, enable us to carry out bulk earthworks of all types. We can respond to any bulk excavation challenge.

From initial enquiry through to successful completion we provide a competent and economical solution to your requirements. From planning, programming and risk assessment and mitigation to material testing and evaluation we provide full support to our delivery teams.

We are skilled and experienced in responding to your requirements with the most economic and efficient proposals. Our primary excavator and hauler fleet is supported with the full range of ancillary and preliminaries resources from vacuum road sweeping, water and dust control, screeners and our own low loader.

Where material disposal is required, our fleet of road going tippers provides effective haulage off site.

When the earthworks balance generates a surplus or a shortfall, we are well placed to provide disposal facilities or to import primary or secondary materials at pace.

We provide bulk excavation, including:

  • Topsoil strip and re-soiling
  • Bulk cut to fill
  • Compaction, trimming and formations
  • Dust suppression, moisture content control and environmental care
  • Hard excavation and processing
  • Ground modelling and landscaping


Safe removal of contaminated waste and hazardous materials.
Clear vegetation, surface soil and underground services plus levelling and ground preparation.

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