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The P J Murphy Group provide demolition services across a range of buildings from individual houses to large commercial premises. Each project is individual and is treated accordingly with a detailed survey being the first activity so that a safe, effective and economical method can be determined.

Where the building contains elements that can be practically salvaged, a soft strip approach or methodical dismantling is to be preferred. We are well placed to market arising materials and thus generate credits to the customer as well as benefits to the environment.

In cases where there is little of value to be recovered we have the equipment to safely take down the structure, salvage as much as possible and forward the remainder for recycling at an appropriate licenced facility.

The demolition and dismantling equipment is drawn from our extensive fleet which as well as hydraulic excavators, shovels and screens includes dust suppression equipment, fencing and other temporary equipment; haulage off site is carried out using our own fleet of tippers.

Demolition services include:

  • Soft strip works
  • Superstructure demolition
  • Underground storage tank removal (fuel and water)
  • Slab removal
  • In-ground structure removal
  • Well decommissioning


Safe removal of contaminated waste and hazardous materials.
Clear vegetation, surface soil and underground services plus levelling and ground preparation.

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