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01296 651981

Site Clearance

The P J Murphy Group are leaders in the collaborative delivery of site preparation works. Through effective site clearance we can provide a shovel ready site for our clients and following contractors.

The benefits of starting with a clear site include programme savings, cost certainty and mitigation of risks which are all beneficial later in the construction sequence.

We operate an extensive fleet of site clearance plant and tipper lorries. Through our network of licensed landfill and material recovery facilities across the South East we are well placed to deliver an efficient and economical clearance service fully compliant with the 1990 Environmental Protection Act.

Through UKAS accredited laboratories we can provide the monitoring and testing services which will ensure your compliance with all legislation.

Fast, efficient and documented site clearance including:

  • Felling and trimming trees
  • Uprooting bushes
  • Generation of biomass, wood chips and logs
  • Removing redundant services and foundations
  • Clearing fencing and physical features
  • Debris removal and rubbish clearance


Excavation and filling or disposal of large quantities of material.
Safe removal of contaminated waste and hazardous materials.

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